Four Pillars Negroni Can

The perfect event needs the perfect cocktail

Events season is upon us. The weather is warming up, you’re probably looking to dust off your favourite spring outfit or hit the shops and buy a new one. There’s events you’ll be attending and events you’ll be hosting. 

Of course, nothing complements a fine spring event like a fine cocktail made with the very best quality ingredients. But how do you go about making the perfect espresso martini when your at an outdoor event with friends, or how to cater for a big group and make sure everyone gets a cocktail and each one is just as good as the last? 

Curatif has solved the problem for you with an espresso martini that comes in a can at a fraction of the price you’ll pay at your favourite cocktail bar. And you can guarantee the quality will be as good, if not better. 



Whether it’s a picnic with friends, or a big event like a wedding or engagement party, Christmas function or some other celebration, the availability of quality cocktails can turn the average into the spectacular. Everyone feels that much more polished and sophisticated with a cocktail in hand and the moment you take the first sip you are transported to a better place! 

At Curatif we operate with three core principles. First, our pre-prepared cocktails are always of the highest quality using only the finest spirits and liqueurs from the world’s best brands. Second, we want our finest quality cocktails to be available for everyone to enjoy where and when you choose, in any place. Third, like our customers, we want to be great global citizens – sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make and we aim to make our environmental footprint as small as possible. 

Whether it’s our world class Archie Rose Espresso Martini, crafted with speciality brewed Seven Seeds Coffee and Australian artisan distilled Archie Rose Original Vodka, or our Negroni using Four Pillars Spiced Gin specifically manufactured for making this iconic cocktail, you will know that the cocktail you are sipping is of the highest standard possible. And all in the convenience of a can. 



When you’re dressed your best and looking for the perfect drink to accompany any event at any location, our cocktails are the perfect solution. That’s because we get you and we want you to have a premium experiential moment complemented by our premium products. The first sip of a lovingly crafted cocktail is a distinctive, resonating moment – it is the ‘ahh, it was all worth it’ moment. A cocktail placed tenderly in front of a guest in business class creates the frisson towards that moment. Working all week for that moment – it was all worth it. With a Curatif cocktail, anyone can have that moment whenever, wherever they choose.

So as you’re making your preparations for the upcoming events season, why not add a bit of affordable and convenient flair and bring a premium cocktail into contention. With Curatif’s artisan products you can dispense with the fuss of preparing them yourself or paying for someone else to. And you don’t have to think about having to make your way through multiple crowded establishments to find the right atmosphere, only to pay an exorbitant amount for a cocktail which may or may not be up to par. Create your own atmosphere, wherever you like and enjoy Curatif’s quality, sustainable, ethical cocktails with family and friends – wherever and whenever you choose.