A New Old Fashioned by Curatif

A New Old Fashioned by Curatif

As the cocktail renaissance swept across the globe in the early 2000s, one particular fictional ad-man was singlehandedly responsible for the rebirth of the Old Fashioned. Whether enjoyed with one leg casually slung over the other while pithy epithets were slung around the room, or in smoky dining rooms chasing that one big airline account, Don Draper’s penchant for the world’s oldest cocktail made it a star in its own right in bars around the world. So while Don doesn’t deserve a moment of recognition for his habit of skirt-chasing, his tenuous relationship with the truth or his (lack of) commitment to fatherhood, his one great legacy was reigniting the world’s interest in sipping Old Fashioneds.

This renewed sense of nostalgia for a bona fide classic doesn’t mean you must drink them the old fashioned way though – where sugar and bitters were added to poorly distilled spirits to bevel down the rough edges. Instead Curatif’s take on an Old Fashioned ditches the more common whisky for the sweet temptations of dark rum. Introducing the latest addition to Curatif’s core line-up of ready-to-drink cocktails: the Rum Old Fashioned.

The secret to elevating this cocktail is – as always - to capture the finest ingredients from around the world in each drink. Jamaican rum from the renowned Appleton Estate is the star of Curatif’s Rum Old Fashioned. Their golden Signature blend rum is aged in American Oak to offer up notes of fragrant vanilla, ripe stone fruits and rich molasses.

Pairing this sublime spirit with bitters and sugar seems simple enough. But if rum is the star of this drink, flawless balance is the co-star. One sip is enough to convert even the most hardened whisky purist to the dark(er) side.

This new Rum Old Fashioned is perfectly made for winding down, warming up, as a night cap or as liquid dessert. Add a large cube of crystal clear ice, a fancy cut-glass tumbler and a swath of orange peel and you can enjoy any of the above moments in an instant.