Created and perfected with the finest ingredients from around the world. Curatif cocktails are the drinks of the worlds best bars.

  • Masterita Box

    Finding Margarita

    Discover the Intriguing Origins of the Classic Margarita Cocktail during Margarita Month! Unravel the mystery of the Margarita – is it a British invention or a product of Mexican creativity? Dive into the fascinating history that dates back to the 1930s and explore the evolution of this beloved cocktail. From a mistaken mix-up in a Tijuana bar to the first printed recipe in a London cocktail book, the Margarita's story is as tantalizing as its taste.

    Did you know that the Mexican word for 'daisy' is 'Margarita'? Or that the Margarita may have been inspired by a variety of women, from a Ziegfeld Follies dancer to a German ambassador's daughter, and even a movie star? Discover the twists and turns in the journey of this iconic drink, which has evolved from the 'Tequila Sour' to the sensation it is today.

    Celebrate Margarita Month with Curatif's six new exhilarating flavors in our limited-release Masterita Box. Try our Salted Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Margarita in Blue, Mango, and Mezcalita variants, and stand a chance to win a share of nearly $15,000 in prizes. Join the fiesta with Curatif's Margarita Month 2024 – where every sip tells a story.

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  • Curatif Cocktails

    Cocktail Ideas for Christmas, New Year’s, Anything.

    End of Year? Never Fear! Curatif’s here. You have presents to wrap, various feasts to shop for and decorations to hang. You don’t also need to be frantically googling “top 10 cocktail recipes for parties”. We truly believe that the...

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  • Curatif IWSC 2023 Awards Global RTD Producer of the Year

    Curatif Wins Global RTD Producer of the Year....AGAIN!

    Our little cans continue to achieve big things. The latest news, hot of the press all the way from London, is that Curatif has brought home the Global RTD Producer of the Year Trophy from the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2023! Yes, we’ve gone back-to-back after taking out the inaugural title for ready-to-drink makers last year too.

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  • Little Cans. Big Dreams: Curatif is IWSC’s Ready to Drink Producer of the Year!

    Little Cans. Big Dreams: Curatif is IWSC’s Ready to Drink Producer of the Year!

    Curatif once again proves their credentials as pioneers of the beverage industry by bringing home the inaugural RTD Producer Trophy from the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). The creation of this award was in response to the growing appetite...

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  • It’s Curatif’s 3rd Birthday. Who needs Cake? We have Cocktails.

    It’s Curatif’s 3rd Birthday. Who needs Cake? We have Cocktails.

    Not all iconic moments in history start with a requisite “bang!” For Curatif, it all begins with a “tsss…” That anticipatory hiss of a ring-pull being deployed on one of our perfectly-proportioned cans; a sound now as beloved to discerning...

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  • A New Old Fashioned by Curatif

    A New Old Fashioned by Curatif

    As the cocktail renaissance swept across the globe in the early 2000s, one particular fictional ad-man was singlehandedly responsible for the rebirth of the Old Fashioned. Whether enjoyed with one leg casually slung over the other while pithy epithets were...

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  • Curatif Tastes Victory (again)

    Curatif Tastes Victory (again)

    2022 is already proving to be a golden year for Curatif. Australia’s reigning creator of canned cocktails has been showered with gold medals – plus a cluster of other honours - and it’s not even halfway through the year. Today,...

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  • Curatif secures $2.5 million in seed funding and extends nationwide ranging with Endeavour Group

    Curatif secures $2.5 million in seed funding and extends nationwide ranging with Endeavour Group

    Melbourne-based ready-to-serve cocktail company Curatif has secured $2.5 million in seed funding, and extended its nationwide ranging with Endeavour Group.  From September, Curatif’s full suite of premium canned cocktails will be available to consumers across the country from selected Dan...

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  • Julio Bermejo and the origin of the Tommy’s Margarita

    Julio Bermejo and the origin of the Tommy’s Margarita

    The origins of the classic margarita are to this day, a bit hazy. While many credible sources claiming its origin, all tell a fascinating story, the classic cocktail seems to have originated from somewhere in Mexico during the 1920’s-1930s.  ...

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  • Four Pillars Negroni Can

    The perfect event needs the perfect cocktail

    Events season is upon us. The weather is warming up, you’re probably looking to dust off your favourite spring outfit or hit the shops and buy a new one. There’s events you’ll be attending and events you’ll be hosting.  Of...

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  • Archie Rose Cocktail

    Espresso – Italy’s great contribution!

    Our modern civilisation owes much to the Italians, from ancient Rome to the Renaissance and beyond. But perhaps that nation’s greatest and most lasting contribution is that punchy, caffeine rich hit known as the espresso. Legend has it that Italy’s coffee...

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  • Four Pillars Gin Cocktails

    The Negroni – a sophisticated and mysterious Italian liquid history

    Conventional legend has it that the Negroni cocktail was invented at the Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919. The story goes that Count Camillo Negroni requested a stronger version of his favourite cocktail – the Americano – and the...

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