It’s Curatif’s 3rd Birthday. Who needs Cake? We have Cocktails.

It’s Curatif’s 3rd Birthday. Who needs Cake? We have Cocktails.

Not all iconic moments in history start with a requisite “bang!”

For Curatif, it all begins with a “tsss…” That anticipatory hiss of a ring-pull being deployed on one of our perfectly-proportioned cans; a sound now as beloved to discerning drinkers as Champagne corks popping or ice cubes tinkling as they tumble into a crystal rocks glass.

As Curatif turns three years old this month we’d like to take a moment to raise a glass (or, rather, a can) and reflect on the fact that – as with our cocktails - we’ve managed to pack a lot of great things in so far.

Following years of intensive R&D, Negroni Week 2019 was the natural time to unveil our canned Negronis alongside our now-famous, nitro-fuelled Espresso Martinis. Until that time, exceptional ready-to-drink cocktails didn’t readily exist. If you were (un)lucky you may have found a stray can of mystery bourbon - or perhaps generic ouzo - carelessly combined with teeth-aching cola, forgotten at the bottom of the communal esky after the ice had long-since melted.

At that time, our concept of a world class cocktail in a can was revolutionary. With an unwavering focus on carefully considered recipes, premium ingredients and advanced packaging technology, as well as creative collaborations with distinguished bars, drink mixers and spirits makers, Curatif soon become an oasis among the wasteland that was low-ABV, low-innovation RTDs.

And then 2020 foisted itself upon humanity. In an instant, happy hours were being hosted via Zoom, toasting to the weekend with friends only happened over the back fence and everybody’s refrigerator shelf became the hottest secret bar in town. Already a pioneer of canned cocktails, Curatif was primed to cater to the booming RTD market that was, all of a sudden, worth US$20 billion.

The brand has since experienced a golden era; being recognised with all manner of global awards and trophies including, most recently, no less than 13 honours bestowed by the consumer-judged SIP Awards. We’ve welcomed thousands to our cocktail-curious subscription program The Club as readily as we welcomed $2.54 million in seed investment. We now sling 9 core cocktails - not to mention an array of compelling limited-releases – all the way from our dedicated cocktail-making headquarters in Port Melbourne, Australia to bars, mini-bars, bottle shops, coolers and kitchens across the globe.

Yet this is no time for a Rum Old Fashioned and a lie down. Year four of Curatif’s reign shows no sign of subsiding. Due to popular demand, the Spicy Margarita will be graduating from The Club to the core line-up just in time for a hot tequila Summer, while The Club itself is about to be transformed into a more immersive and rewarding experience. Curatif has also cracked the code on a Caribbean classic. Paradise-worthy Pina Coladas are coming soon – as if anyone needs an excuse for dancing in the rain. Meanwhile, the rum for two exclusive collaborations with Ron Colon Salvadoreno are also sailing to our shores as we speak.

How will Curatif co-founder Matt Sanger be celebrating this 3 year milestone? “With a can cocktail of course! Hopefully a cold one out of the fridge at home, but more likely to be fresh off the production line. More broadly though, it’s time to stop and take a breath. We’ve done the work in creating the category and the brand, we’ve been identified exactly as we set out to be – best in class, with an unequivocal commitment to quality, so maybe the best way to celebrate is to keep working at this amazing thing we’ve created.”