Toji Sake Collabs | Surippa & Tonikku LIMITED EDITION

Toji Sake Collabs  |  Surippa & Tonikku LIMITED EDITION
Toji Sake Collabs  |  Surippa & Tonikku LIMITED EDITION
Product image 1Toji Sake Collabs  |  Surippa & Tonikku LIMITED EDITION
Product image 2Toji Sake Collabs  |  Surippa & Tonikku LIMITED EDITION

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Toji Sake Junmai Ginjo, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Ruby Grapefruit, Midori, Orange Blossom, Sugar

16% ABV 1.6 Std Drinks Vol 130ml 

It must be time for you to slip into something more comfortable, and when it comes to comfort what could be more cozy than slippers – Japanese Slippers to be exact. Our riff on this modern classic is the Louboutin of slippers though, with impeccably crafted Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao defining broad burnt citrus notes all while the grapefruit creates acidic tension that is pared into beautiful balance by the inimitable melon tones of Midori. The nose carries the unmistakable aroma of Toji Junmai Ginjo, evocative of every great visit to a bustling izakaya.

 This cocktail was designed to pay homage to the artistry of the toji (brewmaster) at Toji Sake – who by expertly brewing Gohyakumangoku rice with mountain water from the Asahi mountain range has created a lean and luxurious product teaming with a vegetal sweetness that is iconic to great sake. Graceful and refined, this is a sparklingly clever remake of an icon. Enjoyed best ice cold, straight up, in your kimono, with your favourite geisha or taikomochi.





Toji Sake Junmai Daiginjo, Maidenii Kina Quinquina, Cartron Sureau, Salt

15% ABV 1.5 Std Drinks Vol 130ml

Elegance is more than a title, it’s inimitable and distinguishable, unavoidable and inarguable. When we were given the opportunity to create this month’s Club cocktails with Toji Sake we were greatly excited to honour the tradition and artistry of Toji’s brewers.

 Our mission was to create an incredible cocktail where Toji Sake was the hero, a bit like Tom Cruise but a bit taller and less Scientologic, and all great heroes have a compelling accomplice. In this case, the sidekick is Maidenii Kina Quinquina, which is one of the most amazing products we have ever had the opportunity to include in our cocktails. It’s a jawdropping tonic wine that has to be tasted to be believed.

 Any great cocktail can only ever truly be a sum of its parts, but with parts like this you end up with a cocktail that is incredibly light and aromatic – this feels like flying first class, in fact the next time we fly first class (the first time, but still, it would be the next time) we’ll be devastated if we aren’t served a Tonikku. Freezing cold in a coupe.





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