We've built our reputation on World Class Cocktails. Drinks created using only the finest spirits, liqueurs, and aperitifs from the greatest artisans the globe has to offer, blended with the freshest produce that could be sourced to ensure that every time you enjoy a Curatif, you are indulging in the greatest that cocktail craft has to offer. 

Back at the bar, we pore through recipes from the greatest bars and bartenders of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to find the most exciting and delicious drinks to recreate and deliver to Curatif Club members every month, exclusively.

Each month Club members will receive four cocktails, two each of two different drinks. Delivered complimentary to anywhere in Australia. Included with the drinks will be cocktail cards that illuminate the history of the drink - more often than not, the backstory of a cocktail is a wild, barely truthful anecdote concocted by bartenders in the middle of the night, amended often to include (or remove) scandalous details, that then has to be pieced back together by detective historians to attempt to reveal what actually happened on the fateful night that this libation first came to life.

To enjoy the drinks of the World's Best Bars, delivered to your door, exclusively, join the Club today.

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